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P330 Ethernet Switch

The Avaya P330 Ethernet Stackable Switching System features modular functionality, high port density, carrier-class reliability and building-block simplicity, allowing you to phase in exactly the features and functions for today's application-driven networks. In combination with the Avaya IP Telephony Media Gateways and Avaya IP telephones, the Avaya P330 stack becomes an important component of a complete, integrated data and voice solution for your enterprise.

The Avaya P330 family of affordable, stackable Ethernet switches can operate as part of a total workgroup solution. You can stack the P330 switches to allow for pay-as-you-grow scalability, from a few to hundreds of ports and N+1 redundancy. Adding a single P330 series routing switch brings multilayer routing to the entire switch stack. Everything comes together with building-block simplicity-often with no configuration.

The P330 family includes:

  • Avaya Octaplane ® stacking fabric
  • Up to 640 10/100BASE-Tx ports and up to 100 100/1000BASE-T ports in a stack
  • Up to 120 Gigabit Interface Converter (GBIC) Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) ports in a stack
  • Uplink modules with 10/100/1000, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and wide area network (WAN) connection
  • Layer 2 switching with the P333T, P333T-PWR, P334T, and P332MF
  • Multilayer functionality (Layer 2 switching and Layer 3 routing) with the multilayer P332G-ML, multilayer P332GT-ML, P333R and P333R-LB
  • Load Balancing with P333R-LB
  • Power over Ethernet with the P333T-PWR (complies with IEEE 802.3af draft standard)
  • Avaya Switch Architecture for Extreme Resiliency (SAFER) Technology ™ with port, switch and stack redundancy
  • New Equipment Building Standards (NEBS) Level 3 certified
  • Multiple management options, including command line interface, Web-based manager and Avaya ™ MultiService Network Manager management software
  • Multiple monitoring options including four groups of remote monitoring (RMON) and AnyLayer SMON (Switch Monitoring) application

Every member of the Avaya P330 family is available in both AC and DC versions. A stacking slot enables you to assemble a stack of up to ten switches with superb resilience and redundancy, allowing all ports to be dedicated to networking.