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P130 Workgroup Ethernet Switch


The Avaya ™ P130 Workgroup Ethernet Switch combines the powerful switching features needed to implement emerging network applications with ease of installation, operation and management.

With the P130 family of workgroup switches you can easily build an effective, fully featured network to support your business requirements. The integrated uplinks enable connectivity to the network backbone and can expand as you grow. In port density and scalability, the P130 workgroup switch offers superb value for the money.

The Avaya P130 family includes:

  • P133G2 - 24 10/100 ports with two Gigabit Interface Converter (GBIC) slots
  • P134G2 - 48 10/100 ports with two GBIC slots
  • P133F2 - 24 10/100 ports with two 100BaseFx ports
  • P133T - 24 10/100 ports
  • P133GT2 - 24 10/100 ports with two 1000BaseT ports

You can stack up to four P133G2 or P134G2 switches for up to 192 ports 10/100Base-TX ports in a stack, and a cascading bandwidth of up to 2 Gigabits per second (Gbps).

Application configuring, network operation and network monitoring become simple and manageable tasks due to the P130 family's user-friendly WEB management capabilities. The P130 products have the same management and monitoring capabilities as other Avaya switch and router products, and therefore can also be centrally managed by the powerful Avaya ™ MultiService Network Manager suite of network management applications.

Like all Avaya MultiService Network products, the P130 products come to you ready for voice, video and data networking. Robust application optimization for converged voice, video and data networks makes this immediate readiness possible. The P130 family of products is designed to support an enterprise-class data network environment with capabilities for Quality of Service, Policy Management and redundancy support that provides superior operational reliability and network availability.